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Posted by elizabeth.trester30 on August 29, 2012 at 12:50 AM

   When we started traveling people thought we were crazy. Mostly my parents, Dad was sure the tour group we were with was part of a white slave trade organization and thought we would never be seen again. I think they made a movie like that. Scary stuff. But, it was just an ordinary tour. We saw every thing from Pompeii to Paris in 12 days. We came back and saw Munich, Lucerne, Venice, Verona and Innsbruck. By this time we were hooked, seriously hooked. Its a full fledged addiction now. 

   We learned so much about Europe and the people and the food and the wine and the architecture and the..... you get the picture.  When I first went to Europe it was to get away. I hated the small town I was from. I would hate to be born there, grow up there, go to school there and marry and have children there and then grow old and die all in the same small town!!!!!  Aghhhh..  When I got to Europe I found that I felt different there. It wasn't as rushed, people weren't  focused on money, money and more money. They were, all of them, trying to sit down and have that glass of wine with friends at the end of the day. And never had I seen anyone so absorbed with cheese!! Camembert--ohh, liquid gold. Did you know there are over 400 cheeses in France? Instead of hot dog stands they have cheese panini stands.!   What a world -- this France!  Well, then I discovered that there is a town north of Paris with my namesake. Venables. My family name is Venables. And everyone with that name comes from that little town.  We took the train to Vernon, but Venables is so small that a taxi is the only way to get there. It is smaller than the little town I was born in-Ha. It was raining, dreary, all the buildings were gray from years of pollution and soot. There is one main road through Venables. We walked the entire town in 10 minutes. Small.  Can you imagine if I was born THERE?  Life's ironic, n'est pas? They did tell us there are no more Venables living there.  It seems they like to travel so much that they live all over the world now.  

   Do you remember the first time you rode your bike by yourself?  First roller coaster ride? First trip to the beach?  First pony ride?  Your first car?  Your first kiss?  Your first baby?   Weren't these experiences dreamy?  The first time we do anything is magical and implants on our brains some kind of chemical that is euphoric.  We can't relive the first time either.  So my solution is to keep traveling to new places so I can have that euphoric feeling again and again. Then we look back and stare into the past for a few seconds, lost in thought and smiling at nothing but memories.  My first trip to Europe changed me forever. We hope you will have these life changing experiences too.  Some where between the food, the wine and the architecture you will change. I would love to be there to share that!

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